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Project Details

„Flying on graphene all around the world“

….or How we transform graphene, the nanomaterial of the 21st century to an essential part of the future’s airplane.

Being a central topic of CEST portfolio, graphene based materials have been intensively researched, and further developed at the centre, from corrosion protective additives, highly electrically conductive additives to parts of biochemical sensors.

For the aeronautical industry, graphene related materials have been in the centre of interest for a longer time, however due economy reasons it is difficult to apply them. An innovative, environmentally friendly synthesis technique, developed at CEST, for producing low-cost graphene based materials paved the way for their possible application in the aerospace industry. This was facilitated by the numerous methods for functionalization and modification for a smooth integration into diverse matrices.

Contents and work plan of the GRAPHICING project

The main objective of the GRAPHICING project is to ensure sufficient electrical and thermal conductivity, fire retardancy and water impermeability of the resulting polymer composite with minimized GRM additions. Properties of composites can further be optimized by adapting the appropriate composition of GRMs, by optimizing their covalent modification and ion doping. Expected primary impact is the availability of advanced multifunctional materials for more competitive aircraft components with higher integration capability and lower weight resulting in less fuel consumption and less CO2 emission.