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Contents and work plan of the GRAPHICING project

The work plan of the proposed research has been established according to the topic description instructions. The GRAPHICING project has 32-month duration and is structured in seven technical work packages (WP1 to WP7), covering the whole development process of graphene material based for aeronautical applications from the feasibility study until the fabrication and testing of a sub-scale component integrating the realized technology. WP1 as a feasibility study provides possible solutions, that will be realized in WP2 to WP5. The work packages WP2 to WP5 will develop the desired materials and functionalities separately. In WP6 the multifunctionality based on the different applications will be developed. Material properties investigations (e.g. compatibility study, mechanical examination, corrosion testing etc.) will be carried out in WP7. A work package is devoted to dissemination and communication activities and to management activities (WP8). Details regarding WPs and project flow and their timing are presented in the Gantt chart below.