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CONGRA – Development of graphene based conversion coatings for aluminum and nickel surfaces

In the scope of the FFG COMET programme, Pr. Nr. 1.16

Project coordinator:

CEST Competence Centre for Electrochemical Surface Technology (Wiener Neustadt, Austria);

Project leader: Dr. Peter Velicsanyi

Project partners:

Airbus Defense and Space GmbH (Ottobrunn, Germany)

Collini DLG GmbH (Hohenems, Austria)

SurTec International GmbH (Bensheim, Germany)

University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria)

As part of „CONGRA“, innovative graphene-based conversion coatings will be developed for use on aluminum alloys (for the aerospace industry) and nickel surfaces, which

– have high corrosion resistance

– high compatibility with typical aeronautical coatings (gel coats, primers, etc.) 

– possibility for local application and repair

– offer advantages ecologically and economically

– in-line with REACH: replacement of highly toxic chromium (VI) compounds essential for chromating

– possible other applications may be defined by industry partners of the consortium


– innovative production, modification, functionalization and analysis of graphene based materials – targeted adaption to commercial conversion coatings

– broad portfolio of analytics: SEM, EDX, Raman Spectroscopy

– Electrochemical investigation

– Technical investigation

– Application of DoE (Design of Experiments) concept for finding best solution in a multiparameter landscape without experimenting: lower costs, targeted development for industrial applications